Ubuntu Kylin provides the operating system training services for African countries!

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Recently, Ubuntu Kylin has provided the operating system training services for African countries!


25 engineers who comes from Ethiopia, Ghana, Zambia and other seven countries take part in this training. The one-month training courses starts from 1 May, 2015, covering the OS basic principles, Ubuntu Kylin operating system practice, the open-source community participation and application development. Training forms are also various, including not only the courses taught in English by Ubuntu Kylin core members, but also the curriculum design and practical operation which needs the common participation of teachers and students. It receives a very good training effect.


The training enhances mutual understanding and friendship between China and Africa and African countries. Trainees from various countries also introduces IT development of their own countries to others. David, a student from Ethiopia said that he has not only learned how to use Ubuntu Kylin, but also saw the open-source culture flourishing in China and the passion and profession of Chinese friends!





The OS of the training is Ubuntu Kylin 14.04 LTS English Version. In order to meet the needs of users in other countries, we also have released French, Russian and other languages’ version of Ubuntu Kylin. Through this training, Ubuntu Kylin has contributed its effort to improve the information technology of African countries and effectively increases the influences of open-source software in Africa. Wish the power of open source can affect and help more and more people!