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Kingsoft cloud disk for Ubuntu Kylin version was released on January 3, 2014

2014-01-04 20:07:03

January 3, 2014, Kingsoft cloud disk for Ubuntu Kylin version which was developed by Ubuntu Kylin team and Kingsoft Cloud Company was officially released! Since August 2013 the project started, with the great efforts of engineers in September and October 2013, we quickly released Alpha 1, Alpha 2, Beta version, and fix more than 100 Bugs and suggestions from all uses in Ubuntu Kylin community and Kingsoft cloud disk community. In last two months, under strictly test of Kinsoft cloud team and Ubuntu Kylin team’s engineers that found more than 20 Bugs. From now on we have achieved all bugs reunification.


Publishment of Kingsoft cloud disk for Ubuntu Kylin, initially to meet demands for cloud storage services from the majority of Ubuntu / Ubuntu Kylin users. We will release corresponding RPM version in order to meet other Linux distribution users. Meanwhile, Ubuntu Kylin team will continue to cooperate with top software providers and service providers, to build a better Linux environment!


The official download address:

The official version has following features:

  • Support multi-client automatically synchronizes, if files revised, it will automatically synchronize to all other clients;
  • Maximum bandwidth to support fast disk set;
  • Support network proxy settings;
  • Support local file filters, in accordance with the file (folder) full name, prefix, suffix settings are not synchronized files;
  • Supports selective synchronization, you can select from a server to synchronize to a local file path;
  • Support cloud disk synchronization status notification on desktop;
  • Support boot from the start;
  • Support LAN sync;
  • Support unbind cloud disk with the machine;
  • Support online check account;
  • Shows the progress of synchronization;