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Ubuntu awarded W3Techs operating system champion of 2013

2014-01-07 15:06:05

Famous network technology website W3Techs released 2013 annual technical charts yesterday, Ubuntu was the third time won 2013 operating system champion after 2011 and 2012,. The main basis for its evaluation, with the steady growth in number of users, Ubuntu has become the second largest Linux distribution which applies to web server.


Other annual technical products also including:

  • Annual Content Management System:WordPress
  • Annual service-side programming language:PHP
  • Annual JavaScript Library:jQuery
  • Annual SSL certification organization:GlobalSign
  • Annual social tool:Pinterest,2012 Annual social tool is Facebook
  • Annual Web server:Nginx。Nginx beyond Microsoft IIS became the second largest Web server in 2013, and became the first major application server in Top 1000 website.
  • Annual JavaScript Content Delivery Network(CDN):jQuery CDN
  • Annual traffic analysis tool:Yandex.Metrika
  • Annual ad:AdRoll


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