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News: UbuntuKylin will jointly launched kingsoft Cloud fast disk for UbuntuKylin version

2013-08-19 19:24:44

   August 14, 2013, UbuntuKylin development team and kingsoft Cloud cooperation exchanges in Beijing, will jointly develop the UbuntuKylin Kingsoft disk version. Kingsoft disk is the most popular cloud storage service, currently provides Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad and other versions of the client. In response to the strong demand of the majority of Linux enthusiasts, UbuntuKylin will be jointly developed with the Jinshan Yun fast disk UbuntuKylin version.This version is in addition to the core runtime, will use the open source approach to development, the first Alpha Beta intends to launch in late September, development results can also be used in other Linux distributions. Ding Rui, vice president of the Jianshan Yun company, and Kingsoft disk client core developers participate in the exchange.