Ubuntu Kylin is Chinese derivative version recognized by Ubuntu official, since Ubuntu Kylin 13.04 and 13.10 official release it achievethe majority of open source enthusiasts and developer’s wide attention and support. Ubuntu Kylin development team is committed to developing excellent Chinese desktopopen source operating system. Currently, Ubuntu Kylin team is engaged in system design, production version, application development, UI design, quality testing, community building, documentationmaintenance and other work. As a growing and expanding new community, a lot of interesting and challenging work is waiting for your participation! To this end we released Ubuntu Kylin special recruitment order to the world, the recruits are as follows:

1. Linux enthusiasts, explore the unknown world with a strong mental and physical (Geek), Debian / Ubuntu enthusiasts better;

2. Familiar with the Linux system under the build system, programming experience, proficient in at least one programming language, such as C / C + +, Qt, Python, PHP, etc.;

3. Cheerful and lively, with a strong desire to communicate and share, whether through language, or text;

4. Mental age less than 25 years old, willing to try new things.

If you meet the above four in three, then do not look down, cast your resume directly to joinus[at]ubuntukylin[dot]com it!

Jobs of Recruitment

优麒麟Application Engineer: 10-15 person

Responsibilities: engaged in develop system version, application software development and testing.

Skills requirement: understandingat least one Linux development language (QT / Python / Java / Vala, etc.), familiar with database programming, LP community development experience is preferred.


优麒麟Core R & D Engineer: 3 person

Responsibilities: development and testing of kernel modules.

Skills requirement: preferLinux Kernel Hacking, command-line interface, development experience ofthe file system, storage, virtualization technology is preferred.

优麒麟System UI Designer: 3 person

Responsibilities: Understanding the user experience, engaged in interface, icons, documents, and other design and landscaping.

Skills requirement: proficiency in PS and other design software, have persistent requirementsfor interface and systemdesign.


Duration: 2014.2.10-

Type of work:full-time work

Address of company:kaifu district Changsha hunan province

Treatments:attractive payment 、Social Insurance and Housing Provident Funds、performance award、annual bonus and so on Enjoy the annual holiday, birthday, the annual tourism benefits, and bright future!