优麒麟 Introduction

  UbuntuKylin is derivative version by Ubuntu officially recognized, its purpose is to create a Chinese variant of Ubuntu, to better suit the Chinese users. UbuntuKylin and Ubuntu were officially launched simultaneously 13.04 desktop version on April 25, 2013, and it was successfully held in Beijing and Changsha release party, a total of nearly 600 people attended enthusiasts on May 11 and May 18 respectively.
  Since R & D cycle is short, Ubuntu Community rules limit and other reasons, UbuntuKylin 13.04 version to the majority of "U fans" bring the features and experience also need to greatly improve! Now, UbuntuKylin development team has already begun for the 13.10 version of the design and development work, we have been discussed in the development and version of the work on May 14, 2013 meeting of the Ubuntu Developer Conference (UDS).
  As UDS convened in accordance with the time and the use of English in Europe and America to submit blueprints and communication, is not conducive to domestic "U fans" in-depth discussion. So the development team of UbuntuKylin response most "U fans" requirement, proposed holding online developer conference on June 15, 2013(Saturday) at 2-6 pm to discuss UbuntuKylin 13.10 and subsequent versions of the R & D Plans. Whether you are a novice user or hobbyist developers, we invite you to provide us with valuable comments and suggestions!
优麒麟 Information of Activity
  Time: June 15, 2013 (2-6pm)
  Method:Online instant messaging(Released later)
  Topic:UbuntuKylin version 13.10 and subsequent development plan, community construction, etc
优麒麟 Preliminary Schedule

  2-3pm: Design concepts of UbuntuKylin open source operating system and introduce 13.10 version ongoing development programs. (Host: Jack Yu )
  3-4pm: Discuss research and development work of UbuntuKylin. (Host: Anthony Wong)
  4-5pm: UbuntuKylin community, QA. (Host: Jonas Zhang )
  5-6pm: Free discussion. (Host: Ma Jun, Yue Chen )

优麒麟 Modalities of participation
  1.Online apply:   
  Entry website,choose“Register yourself”,fill in information and sign up.
   2.Email apply: 
  Sent email to ukds[at]ubuntukylin[dot]com
  (Note that registration is not required, non-registration user can also attend the meeting, but due to limited resources, online videos, not applicants may not have access) 
优麒麟 Subject to submit


       Welcome to use the way of Blueprint to submit all kinds of suggestions and comments to UbuntuKylin developing platform:, and select UKDS in Sprints. Proposals are submitted in Chinese, any topic, and may include all aspects of UbuntuKylin. Once selected, we will arrange the relevant time about 10-20 minutes specifically to discuss the blueprint, and have fine UbuntuKylin souvenir gift! 

  * About this UKDS the organizers, if have any suggestions or comments, please direct feedback caused ukds[at]ubuntukylin[dot]com, we would appreciate it!