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  • Ubuntu Kylin 24.04 officially released

    Ubuntu Kylin 24.04 officially released


  • Ubuntu Kylin 23.10 officially released

    Ubuntu Kylin open-source operating system provides users worldwide with a more stable and easy-to-use Linux open-source desktop operating system by developing user-friendly desktop environments and sp


  • Ubuntu Kylin 23.04 officially released

    On April 21, 2023, the Ubuntu Kylin team announced the release of Ubuntu Kylin open source operating system version 23.04. As a short term support release, Ubuntu Kylin 23.04 comes with Linux 6.2 kernel and Mesa 23.0 graphics driver by default, and is fully upgraded with a series of core system software and base libraries. This version is mainly used to provide a development and testing platform for developers, and you are welcome to download and use it.


  • Ubuntu Kylin 22.04 LTS officially released - UKUI 3.1 starts a new experience!

    On April 22, 2022, the Ubuntu Kylin team officially released the new version 22.04 LTS.22.04 is the fifth Long Term Support (LTS) release after 14.04, 16.04, 18.04 and 20.04, and will officially provi


  • 22.04 LTS preview - New upgrade of Ubuntu Kylin's self-developed application

    In order to enrich and improve the ecological needs of Ubuntu Kylin users, the Ubuntu Kylin community actively promotes mainstream software manufacturers to participate in the Linux ecological constru


  • 22.04 LTS Preview - UKUI 3.1 practical interface exposure, brief but not simple!

    In the first preview video, the UKUI 3.1 design concept has been well received by everyone.Here's a comment from a user:A good UI not only makes the system more personal and tasteful, but also mak


  • 22.04 LTS preview - UKUI 3.1 takes you on a journey of "light seeking"

    In the upcoming 22.04 LTS operating system released by the Ubuntu Kylin community, we are about to usher in the much-anticipated UKUI 3.1 version.The new UKUI 3.1 is based on the theme of "light


  • Ubuntu Kylin:Please check your 2021 keywords

    2021 has passed, and we are about to usher in a brand new 2022.In the past year, thank you for accompany us through all kinds of ups and downs, and it is because of everyone's silent support that


  • Open source exploration - Ubuntu Kylin community releases RISC-V experience version

    On December 29,2021 CST,With the joint efforts of the Ubuntu Kylin community and the Haihe Laboratory Of Information Technology Application Innovation, the first Ubuntu Kylin 20.04 Pro version support


  • Recruiting! Ubuntu Kylin community sincerely invites open source mirror sites of global universities & communities to join

    With the increasing number of global users of Ubuntu Kylin open source operating system, there is a problem of high concurrency (especially during the release of the new version) download mirror load.


  • Ubuntu Kylin 21.04 Release Notes

    The objective of the Ubuntu Kylin project is to create a variant of Ubuntu that is more suitable for previous Windows users all over the world. We are committed to provide you with a simpler and more enjoyable experience out-of-the-box. For instance, by providing UKUI Desktop Environment which provide a ‘familiar Windows-style layout’ to windows. Ubuntu Kylin has been a formal member of the Ubuntu family, since Ubuntu Kylin 13.04. Now, we are working on 21.04.


  • Ubuntu Kylin 20.04 LTS Pro Version released !

    By default,Ubuntu Kylin 20.04 Pro is equipped with the latest Linux 5.10 LTS Kernel, with 9 newly developed applications including Kylin Music, Kylin Recorder, Kylin Camera,Kylin Installer,UKUI Bluetooth, Kylin Ipmsg,Kylin USB Creator, Kylin Calculator and Kylin Scanner.By further optimizing the animation effect and reconstructing the theme frame control style, we can bring more cool and unified visual experience.


  • [Recruiting in 2021] Welcome to Ubuntu Kylin Comunity!

    As a fast-developing open source community, Ubuntu Kylin welcomes outstanding open source talents to join us, work for open source full-time together, and jointly create the most active open source community!


  • Ubuntu Kylin 20.10 Version released -- Simple and beautiful, Gorgeous and real

    The latest Linux 5.8 kernel and UKUI 3.0 desktop environment are integrated in the Ubuntu Kylin 20.10 release by default. It fixed a lot of problems in the start menu, file manager, control panel, etc, so as to provide users with a more efficient and stable use experience. Welcome to download and have a try, and give us feedback on your use experience and optimization advices.


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