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Ubuntu Kylin in the news of Linux Journal

2017-11-14 16:06:38

Linux Journal today publishes an article titled Ubuntu Kylin, a Linux Distribution with Microsoft Windows Experience( in which Ubuntu Kylin open source operating system ( were covered in detail. The paper introduces the development, main features and basic functions of Ubuntu Kylin operating system in detail and highlights the default UKUI desktop environment which is a lightweight desktop environment that is developed by Ubuntu Kylin team to users’ habits and needs. The article also points out that Ubuntu Kylin is one of the Linux distributions that is the closest to the user experience of Windows operating systems and integrates common applications such as providing a more accessible desktop environment and office software. Launched in 1994, Linux Journal is the second to none in the world's and the first journal focused on the Linux operating system. Each issue is included in the ACM Digital Library and is one of the leading sources of information for the majority of Linux open source enthusiasts.
     Ubuntu Kylin operating system, co-developed by CCN Joint Laboratory which is composed of the NUDT, CSIP, Canonical and Tianjin Kylin Information Technology Co., Ltd. was released the first version in April 2013 and has been released nine versions, including 2 long-term versions and 7 short-term versions. The latest one is 17.04 whose the kernel is Linux Kernel 4.10, integrates Youker Assistant, Ubuntu Kylin Software Center, Sogou input method, WPS office suite, Foxit reader and other third-party applications.