Ubuntu Kylin 14.10 Final Beta Released!

Release:2015-04-24 10:44:19 Hits:111


We are glad to announce the release of Ubuntu Kylin 14.10 Final Beta. In this last pre-release, we enhance the sytem stability and add or improve more features. The sytem kernel is 3.16.0-17.23 based on Linux 3.16.3 upstream and Unity is 7.3.1 with 14.10.20140915 version. We aslo upgrade Ubuntu Kylin software center to 1.1.0, Youker Assistant to 1.3.0, Sogou IM to 1.1.0, Youker Weather to 2.1.2, Youker Fcitx (fctix-qimpanel) to 1.0.0, Wiznote to 2.1.12. Meanwhile, we enhance the sytem and add new slideshow, wallpapers from 14.10 wallpaper contest. Detailed information will be published soon.


Note That: This is an beta 2 pre-release, which is not suitable for normal users, but for Ubuntu Kylin developers and users who want to help us test by finding, reporting, and/or fixing bugs. We will release the 14.10 fianl version on Oct, 23 2014, coming soon....