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The 14th Software Freedom Day ceremony held successfully on 16th , September 2017 in Xi’an University of Post and Telecommunications. Developer Dongbing Lv from Ubuntu Kylin community made a speech about the key technology in Openstack, as well as how Team KylinCloud participated in opensource community construction.

——Ubuntu Kylin joins the 14th Software Freedom Day in Xiyou Linux Group


The 14th Software Freedom Day ceremony held successfully on 16th , September 2017 in Xi’an University of Post and Telecommunications. Developer Dongbing Lv from Ubuntu Kylin community made a speech about the key technology in Openstack, as well as how Team KylinCloud participated in opensource community construction. Take Openstack community as an example, Yinhe KylinCloud is the global top 20 in core function(completed blueprints), fixed bugs and committed amounts. Team Kylin believes opensource is the stimulus for innovation. Learning from opensource, saving experiences, making a powerful community, at last, accomplishing great deeds. In the end, Dongbing Lv introduced the next planning of KylinCLoud, vivid interaction and technology discussion drew a lot attention from the audiences.


[tips] Software Freedom Day- SFD is a universal ceremony celebrated global about free software and opensource applications. It started at 2004, leading by international non-profit organization, holds at every third Saturday in September. The main idea of SFD is enlarging the effect of free software, popularize the theory of free applications and broaden the usage of free application in public.