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  • Ubuntu Kylin 22.04 LTS officially released - UKUI 3.1 starts a new experience!

    On April 22, 2022, the Ubuntu Kylin team officially released the new version 22.04 LTS.22.04 is the fifth Long Term Support (LTS) release after 14.04, 16.04, 18.04 and 20.04, and will officially provi


  • Faster, More Stable And More Efficient! Ubuntu Kylin 20.04 Pro SP1 officially Release

    On December 2,2021 CST, Ubuntu Kylin team officially announce the release of Ubuntu Kylin 20.04 Pro SP1.This version is equipped with the Linux 5.11 kernel by default. It adds new functions such as me


  • Good news!ukylin-wine is online!

    For a long time, Ubuntu Kylin community has been actively collecting and adopting user feedback, knowing that users' demand for common entertainment and office software is becoming increasingly urgent, and the problem of too little ecology in Linux environment is becoming increasingly prominent.


  • Ubuntu Kylin 20.10 Version released -- Simple and beautiful, Gorgeous and real

    The latest Linux 5.8 kernel and UKUI 3.0 desktop environment are integrated in the Ubuntu Kylin 20.10 release by default. It fixed a lot of problems in the start menu, file manager, control panel, etc, so as to provide users with a more efficient and stable use experience. Welcome to download and have a try, and give us feedback on your use experience and optimization advices.


  • UKUI for openEuler released!

    UKUI 3.0 is a lightweight desktop environment based on Linux distributions developed by Kylin, and is powered by the Ubuntu Kylin open source operating system by default. Currently, UKUI is available in Debian, Ubuntu, Arch Linux and other international Linux distributions.


  • Ubuntu Kylin 20.04.1 released, more than 418 updates

    Ubuntu Kylin 20.04.1 integrated 269 modifications from the previous four system updates, and carried out comprehensive security upgrade, bug repair and stability improvement, including optimizing 4K support, improving 3D display performance by 46%, fixing usn-4432-1 (grub 2 bug), and continuing to update the app store. Users who encounter exceptions using version 20.04 are welcome to download, install or update to the 20.04.1 version of this release for better use experience.


  • Ubuntu Kylin 20.04 LTS continues to improve! Optimize HD screen support, add 6 new applications

    Since Ubuntu Kylin 20.04 LTS released, the official teams are stilling actively collecting and gathering users feedback and suggestions, recording and dealing several issues. For any problems or suggestions encountered in the use of the system, welcome to feedback through our user feedback program in system, wechat/QQ communication group, official email, community forum and other ways. The official teams will release system updates irregularly according to the new functions and bug fixes of each component. Let's work together to build a better Linux operating system.


  • 【System Update V2】Ubuntu Kylin 20.04 LTS Version Weekly Report

    In the fourth week after Ubuntu Kylin 20.04 LTS was released, while gaining everyone's attention and recognition, the Ubuntu Kylin official also actively summarized everyone's feedback suggestions from various channels, and recorded and handled the existing problems. Every Friday, the system update will be released according to the new features and bug fixes of each component. Let us work together to make Ubuntu Kylin better and better!


  • 【System Update】Ubuntu Kylin 20.04 LTS Version Weekly

    Ubuntu Kylin 20.04 LTS has been released for two weeks,while gaining everyone's attention and recognition, the official also actively summarized everyone's feedback suggestions from various channels,and timely record and deal with the existing problems. After that, we will organize the new features and bug fixes every week, let us work together,Make the future of Ubuntu Kylin better and better!


  • Ubuntu Kylin 20.04LTS Release - Brand new UKUI 3.0

    On April 23rd, 2020, the Ubuntu Kylin team is pleased to announce the official release of UbuntuKylin's open source operating system version 20.04 LTS (codenamed "Focal Fossa" Mashima Lo


  • Ubuntu Kylin 20.04 Release Notes

    Ubuntu Kylin 20.04 is the fourth long-term support (LTS) version after 14.04, 16.04 and 18.04, and the official will provide technical support for 3 years. The release of Ubuntu Kylin 20.04 is equipped with the latest 5.4 kernel and the new UKUI 3.0 desktop environment preview by default. It supports both x86 and arm64 architectures, which will provide users with a broader hardware support, a more beautiful UI interface, and a unified cross platform interaction experience.


  • UKUI 3.0 Preview-Start Menu

    UKUI 3.0 was developed using Qt, adhering to the "easy、excellent、expert、elaborate" design philosophy, and will provide users with a more pleasant interactive experience.


  • Tencent Video Linux version released, Ubuntu Kylin application ecosystem further enhanced

    Recently, Tencent officially released V1.0.10 version of Tencent Video Linux Client, which provides two installation package formats: rpm and deb. More and more commercial comp


  • Ubuntu Kylin 19.10 Software Center,New facelift, simplification for complex

    Last week,The latest version of Ubuntu Kylin open source operating system 19.10 (version code EOAN ermine) is officially released. The release version of Ubuntu Kylin 19.10 integrates a new and upgrad


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