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Ubuntu Kylin 19.04 Coming soon with Huawei, Aliyun, Chongqing University and 360 Open Source Software Mirror Sites supported!

2019-09-27 10:06:38

Ubuntu Kylin 19.04 releases in only 7 days. In addition to the brand new desktop, our download channel has been upgraded. Besides the default 360 Site, Ubuntu Kylin has also received the support of Huawei, Aliyun and Chongqing University Open Source Mirror Sites. Youkers can download freely from one of the following sites from April 18.

优麒麟(Ubuntu Kylin)

1、Huawei Open Source Software Mirror:

Huawei Open Source Mirror Site is powered by Huawei DevCloud which is committed to creating a one-stop easier DevOps tool cloud service. It currently provides a wide variety of software and ISO, not only 7 major language mirrors which are Maven, NPM, NuGet and so on, including 20+ operating system class mirrors including Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu Kylin, but also common tools such as MySQL and Nginx. It dedicates to providing users with comprehensive, high-speed and trusted download services.

2、Aliyun Open Source Mirror:

Alibaba Open Source Mirror is powered by Alibaba Systems Service Team. It serves Alibaba cloud customers and provides support for Internet users. At present, the software repository and ISO of Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo, Ubuntu Kylin and other distributions are provided to Internet users to download.

3、Chongqing University Open Source Mirror:  

Chongqing University Mirror is maintained and managed by Chongqing University LanUnion and supported by Chongqing University Network and Information Management Center. The site supports the development of open source software in China. At present, it contains many distributions such as CentOS, Archlinux, Ubuntu, Ubuntu Kylin and so on and provides access to high-quality mirror source services for the whole country, relying on Chongqing University Network Center.

4、Qihu 360 Site

Ubuntu Kylin Mirror is co-build by Ubuntu Kylin and Qihu 360 and servers for Ubuntu Kylin official website nearly 14 years, providing a long-term high-quality download for Youkers.

For users’ convenience to download the upgraded version of LTS and STS at the first time, each mirror site will synchronize Ubuntu Kylin repository once a day. Where there's a will, there's a way. Let's look forward to the release of Ubuntu Kylin 19.04!